Krokidas & Bluestein provides legal services to nonprofit, for-profit and public clients, as well as individuals, in the areas of health and human services, civil litigation, education, labor and employment, real estate development and finance, nonprofit law, and commercial property management.

What makes Krokidas & Bluestein uniquely qualified to represent you?

A Legal Budget That Works for You: Our fee structure enables us to offer legal services at rates that are lower than those of most other Boston firms.

Availability of Senior Attorneys: Many firms that offer rates comparable to ours are able to do so only by using junior attorneys to perform most legal tasks. You will work primarily with a senior attorney who has had at least 10 (and in most cases 20) years’ experience in matters like yours.

Small Size Means Responsiveness to Your Schedule: Our small size enables us to be nimble in addressing our clients’ needs.