A Wealth of Experience in the Field
We combine our expertise in the areas of litigation, real estate and bankruptcy to provide leading edge commercial property management representation. Our deep understanding of the challenges faced by property management professionals is based on decades of representing managers in the field. The result is a collaborative effort between attorney and client which enhances and improves performance of our clients’ property management function.

Expertise in Landlord — Tenant Disputes
At the heart of our commercial property management practice is the representation of landlords, and occasionally corporate tenants, in connection with all types of disputes that arise in connection with the use of leased property. Many times the dispute centers on the financial difficulties of the tenant — but there is almost no limit to the kinds of disputes which require the attention of experienced counsel to resolve

Full Scale Litigation
We are experienced litigators and trial counsel who try cases in state and federal court, including many cases involving real estate and commercial property management disputes. Our experience in the courtroom enriches our role as counsel in dealing with lease disputes and other real estate issues at all stages of the process — and in avoiding costly litigation when appropriate.

Since many commercial property management disputes are a consequence of financial difficulty encountered by the tenant, we counsel property managers on the bankruptcy “end game ” — both in negotiating a resolution of a non-bankruptcy dispute, and in the event of a bankruptcy scenario. We have appeared on behalf of landlords in bankruptcy courts throughout the country in the full range of matters that are resolved in those courts.

How We Do Our Work
Our experienced commercial property management attorneys work to resolve your problem in a cost effective manner using well-honed litigation, real estate and bankruptcy legal skills. Our clients receive top shelf representation at rates lower than those of most other Boston firms.