A Leader In the Field
We have unique experience in transactions involving New Markets Tax Credits (NMTC), Low Income Housing Tax Credits (LIHTC) and Historic Tax Credits (HTC). Our extensive experience in this area enables us to be creative in structuring deals that both take advantage of these tax credit programs and maximize our clients’ flexibility with respect to their projects.

New Markets Tax Credits
We are one of the most active firms practicing in this complex area of finance in New England. Many of the NMTC transactions that we have worked on have involved other types of financing — such as historic tax credits, bonds, and grants — and have necessitated unique structures to accommodate the various financing requirements. As NMTC counsel, we work to negotiate NMTC structures — and unwinds of those structures — which are beneficial to all parties. As borrower’s and lender’s counsel in NMTC transactions, we provide the following services:

  • Forming qualified low income community businesses
  • Negotiating investor, community development entity, borrower and leverage lender interests
  • Providing advice regarding NMTC financing structures and unwind strategies
  • Closing NMTC finance transactions

In addition to borrower and lender work, we also draft and negotiate business agreements for community development entities engaged in consulting and other NMTC support services.

Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credits
We assist clients seeking to redevelop historic properties in structuring and closing transactions involving federal and state historic tax credits. We also advise investors, tax credit purchasers, lenders and other parties to these transactions. Since many of our clients rehabilitate historic buildings into affordable housing projects or provide financing for such projects, we have closed many transactions involving historic tax credits for affordable housing projects. Our attorneys also regularly represent a nonprofit community development financial institution in making state historic tax credit loans.

Low Income Housing Tax Credits
Through our extensive work on affordable housing projects, we have developed a consummate knowledge of the federal and state LIHTC programs and are able to structure and close LIHTC transactions with a minimum of delay and cost. Our attorneys also regularly represent a nonprofit community development financial institution in making state LIHTC loans.